Maravilla Studio was founded on a clear summer day in July 2017.  

Meeting at the Boathouse Café in Passaic New Jersey, Joel and Keith shared a desire to make design more accessible to people. Conversations on how to empower small businesses in the area ensued. That day, Maravilla Studio was born.

Soon after, two additional partners came on board this exciting vision of making design more accessible. Tony and John joined Maravilla Studio in March of 2018. Bringing to the table fresh ideas and complementary skill-sets, they fit right in at Maravilla Studio.

"Why the name 'Maravilla'?" you may ask. Inspired by Psalm 139, where David praises God exclaiming, "How wonderful are your works, my soul know it well", we chose Maravilla, which is Spanish for "wonder". Our world is full of wonder, and that has inspired us to do great works.

From working out of a garage to a new studio space in the heart of the City of Passaic. It's been over a year of research and preparation with long days and late nights, and we are excited for what we have planned for the future of creatives.

We here at Maravilla Studio have the goal to shrink the gap between creative service and those in need of them, and to create a space where creative people of all skill sets can work and operate together to build the media of tomorrow.

This is Design for All.
This is Creatives United.

This is Maravilla Studio.

"Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it well"
- Psalm 139:14
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