Sazon Unico

“ Our product is new and unique, we would like for it to stand out on the shelves of grocery stores ”

- Ricardo Oyola (Founder of Sazon Unico)

Sazon Unico is an exciting new Seasoning and Spices brand. 

A family business through and through with it's products all being sourced from family recipes. 

Sazon Unico approached us to create a label design system that can be applied to their new product lineup. After conducting research into this industry, visiting grocery stores, interviewing target audiences, and examining competitors, the approach to this project became clear. Whoa, that was a mouthful. 

Taking into account the family focused nature of the company, these labels were developed with a picnic pattern background reminiscent of great memories at the park with loved ones. We created a strong color system that would allow the products to not only be easily identified but also to stand out on the competitive and busy shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. 

Mama or papa bear could easily tell a child go pick out the red one for the meat seasoning or the orange one for adobo. 

This makes the products accessible and ultimately memorable, from first sight to the juicy steak on the dinner plate.

Design services accomplished for this client /
Label Design, Graphic Design, Brand Consulting
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