Castilllo Restaurant

"We want it to be easy for our clients to browse the menu and choose a delicious meal"

- Fernando Castillo (Co-founder, Castillo Restaurant)

Castillo Restaurant is a casual dining eatery with a Caribbean Cuisine founded by father and son.

With exciting new menu items and an increasingly diverse customer base, Castillo restaurant approached Maravilla Studio to develop a new simpler and more approachable menu that would incorporate the food selections and carry forward the restaurant's visual aesthetic.

The front of the menu features an exterior image of the restaurant as the backdrop to a refined logomark. It's reminiscent of what is experienced when physically entering into the restaurant. Once you open the menu, you are immediately introduced to the drinks options so guests don't have to fumble around the menu to find them. The menu features a subtle background pattern that appears to change colors based on what is on the page. Food items have large pictures for instant appeal and are numbered to break language barriers in ordering food.

Design services accomplished for this client /
Menu Design, Graphic Design, Food Photography
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