Sunira Group

"As both a commercial and residential real estate investment firm, we had an opportunity to create a brand identity that would be inclusive towards both aspects of this business."

- Joel (Co-Founder, Maravilla Studio)

Sunira Group is a real estate investment firm focused on building communities by working to help families and business owners achieve property ownership

The project began with a simple request for business cards and grew into a much larger project as the need for a brand identity became clear.

After a discussion on the vision of Sunira Group, one of the keywords that informed the design was growth, growth in community, growth in business. The logomark is composed of growth bars that together suggest the abstraction of a large skyscraper. At the base of the "skyscraper" via negative space and color differentiation a typical home rooftop is created. This forms the base of the effort to grow communities. The gold and neutral colors simply refer to the professionalism and trustworthiness of Sunira Group.

Design services accomplished for this client /
Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Brand Consulting
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